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Connect Tableau web data connector to

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This article will help Business Intelligence Analyst understand how we can connect Tableau web data connector to ( ) where we get different types of data for Analysis.

What is Tableau?

Tableau helps the world’s largest organizations unleash the power of their most valuable assets: their data and their people using most powerful & meaningful dashboards.

About Tableau:

What is Tableau Data Web Connector?

With the Web Data Connector SDK, you can unlock a world of data that’s available over the web. In addition to using the dozens of data connectors that are already available in Tableau, you can now create your own web data connector (WDC) that reads data from virtually any site that publishes data in JSON, XML, or HTML.


It is a data resource repository where we can find meaningful, collaborative and abundant resources in the world.

Why do we need this?

In world day to day life, we generate a huge & diverse amount of data. is one of the repositories where we can find a large number of data sets.

Through this article one can understand how we can connect Data Analytics Visualization Tool Tableau through its web data connector connecting to website and can extract interesting data & create visualizations around it.

What are the problems if they do not have this?

As we know already, data analytics is all about data & the insights in it. To understand & practice better visualizations it is always good to have a data repository. The website is a repository where they have stored various types of data. Try over & over because If we don’t have good practice to connect to repository we might miss getting the better data sets & insights around it.

Steps to Connect Tableau to data. world:

1.Create an account in website. We would have API token generated in the API section.


Hit enter: And provide the data set info as below,

Click on Get Dataset tab, Then we see the extracted data present in the data source page.

Once you pull the data into Tableau workspace, we can start Visualizing the data in Tableau.

Note: If API token is asked while we connect to please provide the account API token id in the box below,

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