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CRM Analytics empowers your business with 3W’s (What, Why, and Where)

Blog | September 2, 2022 | By Amrik Singh

In today’s world most companies use CRM Software to oversee long-term relationships with their customers. To analyze and gain insights about their customers they capture a lot of information about them. Studies suggest almost 2.5 million terabytes of structured/unstructured data are produced by mankind every day which is further classified and consumed for different purposes. To genuinely succeed at this, organizations need to define and utilize their digital data pointers. CRM Analytics (CRMA) supports this initiative with minimal effort on the part of the end users.

What is CRM Analytics?

CRM Analytics is a cloud-based analytical platform used for getting powerful and actionable business insights through data exploration and visualization with AI-enabled out-of-the-box capability which transforms the conventional method of driving the whole business.

CRM Analytics resides on top of any salesforce cloud and can support any size of business.

You can avoid needing multiple systems and logins. Empower your Salesforce users with actionable insights, predictions, and more by bringing all your data including from external systems onto a single platform.

Why should businesses leverage CRM Analytics?

Many organizations utilize Salesforce CRM to capture customer data, demands/requests, and different preferences to manage lifelong relationships. Everyday customer requests need to be addressed proactively instead of reactively. Businesses are constantly on the lookout for a system which helps them get better clarity about their customers’ asks.

CRM Analytics is an intelligent system, that assists you to crack the deals/leads by developing and supporting client interest and converting them into a paying customer. CRM analytics includes methods that analyses data about customers and presents it to help facilitate and streamline better business decisions with powerful analytics and AI. It can predict the customer likelihood with the available information and provide efficient techniques to improve their conversion rate.      

CRM Analytics provides you with power to connect, extract, monitor, and visualize your data with predicative and prescriptive insights.

Benefits of CRM Analytics:

  1. Easily deploy/embed on any Salesforce Cloud: CRM Analytics easily attaches inside your existing salesforce eco system using single sign on (SSO). Pull all your salesforce data, including from external sources into same platform to create visualizations and predictive insights using advanced ML capabilities.
  2. AI-Driven platform: CRM Analytics includes set of AI powered Einstein Discovery models that helps you to understand “What happened, why it happened, what will happen” and provides suggestions to act regardless.
  3. Prebuilt Templates to build app from scratch. CRM Analytics provides multiple prebuilt templates which can be used to build a custom app with just few clicks.
  4. Collaboration: CRM analytics provides ways to share, annotate and discuss through different means which further helps other to effortlessly consume and understand it easily.
  5. Take immediate action: The moment you get the insights, CRM Analytics allows you to take immediate actions like create new task, open new customer records, and chat with your group to take appropriate decisions.  
  6. Self Service BI – CRM analytics helps customer to get their insights in few clicks which does not require any expertise.
  7. Data Management:  CRM Analytics easily extracts the data from any source by using Data Integration and Data preparation. Data integration connectors helps to pull data from internal or from the external sources, whereas Data preparation is achieved by using two tools inside salesforce org, Recipe and Dataflow. Both provide intuitive GUI based interface that helps to design and prepare the datasets from connected data.

Where to use CRM Analytics

All Salesforce cloud platforms have loads of valuable stored data. Data visualization is an imperative piece of any business as it addresses this information in a graphical representation for simple understanding. In Salesforce, CRM Analytics fits on any salesforce cloud to get visual insights to improve the service, sales and marketing ROI that provide path to maximise growth.

Let’s take an example of few areas where CRM Analytics can benefit a business:

  1. Sales Analytics: CRM Analytics provides a solution that can help companies to understand the health of sales funnel, account information, leads, and notify on probable opportunity to act aggressively. Also open a door, to cross sell or up sell new products by understanding the underlying patterns and trends of user data. CRM Analytics helps customer to get the prebuilt templates to build their own customize app without putting any effort that supports to take decision in less time.
  2. Service Analytics: Every business is trying to provide best-in-class services to their end customers for gaining a loyal and long-lasting customer base. To get quick information, CRM Analytics provides inbuilt templates with prebuilt dashboards that provides you a lot of KPI’s, all in one place. Examples include Calls per day, Avg Handle time, Avg Wait time and Backlogs etc.
  3. Marketing Analytics: Marketing plans are generally a game changer in the business growth as it is process where you directly target your potential customers by understanding their interest, taste and preferences in mind. CRM Analytics tools gather lots of customer information and draw joins between specific characteristics to predict customer responses through AI augmented data, which supports marketing team to improve customer engagement.


CRM Analytics delivers a solution with AI driven and real time actionable data with minimal efforts regardless of company size or company domain. Salesforce CRM provides you a full analytical package to drive a successful business with undoubtable insights and precise prediction.

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