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Dreamforce 22 – Salesforce Customer 360 platform for personalised solutions

Blog | September 22, 2022 | By CRM Analytics Team (Salesforce Certified Team)

Salesforce has been around for 20 plus years and was primarily a CRM tool but today, we would like to define it as a wonder technology.

With Launch of Genie (the real time platform for customer magic) and Slack Integration Salesforce has left behind all its competitors by a large margin (23.8% revenue market share) and is proud to own it.

Dreamforce’22 has excitedly been looked at as the great reunion, which is a platform for recognition, collaboration and announcements of innovative ideas and products by salesforce and salesforce community.

This year the Dreamforce was no different and it attracted partners from various parts of the world to join and be a part of this grand event. About the event which was so well organized with grand stage and use to AI (Artificial Intelligence) to launch Genie was a par excellence show by Salesforce.

What makes us at USEReady proud to be associated to a community like Salesforce are that it very well aligns to its core values of:

  • Trust – There are in-built systems to manage data compliance ethics of data privacy and consent of customer and providing ways to manage and store data locally so that they are compliant to regulations of data privacy in a region.
  • Customer Service – It has done beyond imagination by integrating business process end to end right from marketing, sales, payments to enabling recommendation systems now with Genie.
  • Innovation with integration of Slack by enabling collaboration among teams, providing platform to have single source of truth and most exciting being working on Real Time data. With reduced time and effort, the projected increase in business revenue by 2023 is expected to be around 1.6T $.
  • Equality: Providing equal opportunities – with initiatives like “Teach Salesforce for Refugee” where they enabled, educated, and empowered refugees. With initiatives like these they plan to increase jobs by 9.3M $ by 2023.
  • Sustainability: Salesforce clearly strongly believes in sustainability as it has been putting tremendous effort in reducing carbon emissions with the help of technology, planting 1 trillion trees by 2030 and efforts towards restoring oceans with $88M investment. Initiatives like Net Zero are clear examples of it

Salesforce is not only true to its vision of building customer 360 but has taken it next level with hyperscale personalised solutions for end-to-end processes in business which includes sales, service, marketing, and commerce cloud solutions using CDP

Leverage Snowflake data with Salesforce CDP Integration

Salesforce Customer data platform (CDP) formerly known as Customer Audience 360. CDP unifies all your customer data from different platforms like Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce cloud, and as well as from other external sources to build a single source of truth to create a centralized profile of the customer data which helps in building a better relationship with their customer.  

A consumer always interacts with the companies and generates lots of data across multiple platforms. CDP brings all these data into a single place and leverages each touch point to provide better services to the end customer. David Schmaier, President, and Chief Product Officer at Salesforce said, “Companies struggle to deliver real-time personalization at scale and automation because data resides across different clouds, technology stacks, and enterprise systems.” To capture each aspect of the customer journey, Salesforce has expanded its horizon by partnering with Snowflake. Salesforce and Snowflake partnership help companies:

  1. Share data with zero-data copy architecture: Salesforce and Snowflake announced zero-data copy architecture that will help customers to securely collaborate in real time to unlock more values from their data. All the tables from various accounts of Snowflake have been accessed as objects in Salesforce CDP with point & click basis.
  2. Enrich CDP Profiles for personalization: Snowflake allows you to access the data real-time basis to build better customer profiles.
  3. Allows actionable insights: Organizations can make efficient decisions and drive powerful analytics by joining these two different datasets.

Genie is an open and extensible platform natively compatible with Snowflake.

It uses lake house architecture and is natively compatible with Snowflake and natively integrated with all Frist Party Advertising like Google, Meta and Amazon Ads.

For teams with their own proprietary machine learning models can integrate with Salesforce using AWS Sagemaker


Hyperforce has been introduced for data management as IDC estimates that amount of data doubled every year.

Hyperforce is Salesforce’s trusted cloud platform. It enables to deploy salesforce applications with Data Residency in 17 countries by 2023.

It has security, compliance and scalability built in with external encryption ecosystem with partners like AWS, ATOS, THALES.

With Salesforce Flow, we have 44B+ automated workflows which provides an estimated $2T worth of business value by saving hours in data management and data warehousing efforts.


Salesforce is spearheading with the launch of its new product Genie that will help resolve all data in a single view, build real-time solutions with graphs, real time harmonization of data, real time predictions and recommendations. This makes handling customer queries real time, analytics in real-time which can help closing the deals efficiently, provides amazing ways to engage with customers, increasing customer retention and adding more business to the solutions provided by different industries possible.

It integrates historical and transactional data with real time data, with automated workflows. Each industry has a packaged out of box workflow that works real time and updates dynamically, providing customers one source of truth.

  • Connect: Data from different applications that are used in a business, includes historical data and real time transactional data made available to you to analyse.
  • Harmonize: Automated workflows which can respond to real time events and have privacy, consent and compliance built in, for their customer data.
  • Engage: Provides various medium to get real time insights and feedback from customers on the platform.
  • Experience: The recommendations provided by Einstein in workflow can help sales with relevant suggestions based on customer profiling and generate real time alerts that can be managed and handled asap.

Below are 2 Excellent Examples of its Implementation and Impact


FORD is one such example making use of GENIE as technology in their market:

Ford is making use of genie in all their electric vehicle to get the real time vehicle information of the user enhancing their experience.

Ford using GENIE to enhance their sales experience by letting their customer know about their need, and kind of vehicle they need, what suits them in an amazingly uncomplicated way.

It offers All technologies such as:

  • Integrated Customer & Vehicle Information: All vehicle related information from battery life to TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor) is monitored and provides real-time information to users.
  • Progressive and Smart Assistance: It guides customer on real time vehicle status and modern features.
  • Green Initiative: To lessen the amount of pollution in environment, green initiative tech is integrated which tracks gases emitted by the vehicle.
  • Joyful Purchase: Increases the purchase experience of the customer by directing them using AI on their needs and what suits them making purchase joyful.
  • Personalized Customer Experience: Each customer can have personalized experience which they can get any time on their connected devices.
  • Guided Discovery: It helps customer to learn environment where they are actively participating in discovering their vehicle.
  • Automotive Cloud: Every small detail related to our vehicle is stored here.
  • Intelligent Setup and On-boarding: Unlike old times, intelligent setup helps users to get familiar quickly with their vehicle and get them onboarded without any trouble.


L’Oréal is the world’s biggest beauty care products and magnificence beauty company. With 28 worldwide brands — including Lancôme, Maybelline, and Redken — L’Oréal assists a vast number of people with feeling pampered and delightful every day. To safeguard and promote these immeasurably significant brands, the company utilizes Salesforce to keep operations composed and engage with customers. L’Oréal based on its underlying success with Salesforce by adding an employee social network that helps Sales reps, stylists, and beauticians. L’Oréal additionally fabricated gateways to give product data, demo tips, and preparing materials for the merchant reps and cosmetologists that coordinate salon events.

Here is an inside see how the group at L’Oréal uses Salesforce Client 360 to fashion further associations with purchasers on a worldwide scale.

Fortify customer connections by customizing each interaction.

Informing considering shopping propensities and utilization of Salesforce services drives their mission to bring more prominent personalization, relevance, and fulfilments to customers and complex magnificence of beauty consumer journey.

Help direct-to-consumer income with remarkable shopping experiences

L’Oréal has seen direct-to-consumer revenue in average order value (AOV) from its B2C sites.

Further, develop specialist satisfaction by 70% while hoisting consumer care.

Service Cloud diminishes case handling time since specialists do not need to battle with such countless various systems.

Reproduce in-store communications virtually — and help Excellence Tech reception by 336%.

Begin a virtual discussion right from the live talk. Utilizing AppExchange partner application Sight Call, the organization empowers video visit discussions for its L’Oréal Paris hair tone or lip shade, where you can utilize the Virtual Take a stab at element to explore different avenues regarding different hair tones or lip shade and pick the right shade for you.

Let us Talk About Slack Integration

Salesforce acquired Slack back in Jul’ 21. Slack has been successfully adopted by various big firms like Disney as its collaboration tool with 30% faster collaboration.

Tamar Yehoshua, the Chief Product Officer, Slack quoted “Slack’s mission has always been to engage with customer in the flow of work and making their lives simple, pleasant and productive.” With introduction of huddle, it aims at making coworking better & more effective.

Slack brings in 15 new Salesforce integration – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Financial Service Cloud, Digital Command Center, CRM Analytics, Tableau Visualizations, Document Management, and workflows embedded as well.

I have used the application and find its Thread to be a cool existing feature, besides channels and DMs.

But earlier setting up meetings using Slack was not as convenient as we find in tools like Teams.

Slack Huddle has addressed this where we can now join a huddle for audio conference or video conference, with muti screen share and we can also draw on screens. Pretty cool right!!

Slack has added some cool animated effects to interact and respond with, this makes the tool more fun than ever. I loved this jump right in response 😊!

In Huddle, Canvas gives a capability to take quick notes, more about Canvas in a few lines.

You can create a canvas and share it in the DM or channel. Quip has been integrated natively in the slack which brings in Quip’s collaborative components to Slack.

Canvases will allow teams to pull all the content and data together, so teams can spend less time searching for information, and more time moving work forward.

Slack Canvas helps form an information builder at one place for teams to refer, forms like a cool new Wikipedia for a specific process.

You can see video/information and objects integrated to customer 360 with Sales Cloud, Tableau Analytics or even Service Cloud Case objects, documents, or workflow or even schedule the meeting to see and edit from Canvas.

How Canvas will bring more Productivity

Canvases enhance the real-time collaboration you have in Slack channels by offering a set place to organize and share information of any kind in ways that make people more productive and efficient.” – ALI RAYL, SENIOR VICE-PRESIDENT OF PRODUCT MANAGEMENT, SLACK

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