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Enabling Leaders through Disruption

Blog | June 17, 2021 | By Priya Nair
Enabling Leaders through Disruption

Change in the world of business today is accelerated and exponential. A large part of this driven by external forces like industry-specific developments, and rapid advances in technology and communication have contributed too. In fact, the next five to ten years are expected to bring even more changes than prior. In the current situation of continuous market disruption, customer behaviour too is evolving, and new trends are replacing the old. The employees and organizations are coping with it by equipping the employees with skills they need to succeed in this environment of unpredictability and unexpected events.

One of the biggest challenges for leaders across various industries is that we are continuously equipping employees on how to solve familiar problems with familiar methods, when we should be teaching the reverse. Specifically, the leaders should be supporting the employees on how to improvise, innovate and be creative about using new ways, tools, and platform to adapt to unfamiliar challenge and volatility.

The capabilities and skills needed to succeed in today’s business environment is vastly different from those required to thrive in tomorrow’s corporate world. Below are few of skills that business leaders must focus to meet the dynamic changes.

Think Proactive (Proactive Leadership):

The ability to think proactive is paramount to be a successful leader. We must stretch our minds beyond our comfort zones. Proactive leaders take responsibility of their management roles by engaging and leading by example. They always look for ways to improve irrespective of position or level in an organisation, they recognise that forward thinking is the best.

Crave Curiosity:

As a futurist leader, one should be exploring the tools and technologies that are upcoming in the market and see how we can adapt that into the organizational systems. This will help us understand the value shifts driven in today’s trends.


This is one of the new power skills for leaders. Once you understand your people better, one will be able to have a workforce and customers that trusts you and feels empowered to help business achieve its goal. Empathic leaders are experts on building and maintaining relationships.

Empathy is not about making people feel nice. It is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy can be used as a data garnering means that will help you understand human environment to make better predictions, craft better tactics, inspire loyalty and communicate clearly.

Dealing with disruption by fostering innovation and creativity:

Succeeding in hugely disruptive environment is not about evading risks. It is more about taking calculated and controlled risk. Innovators will never stop innovating and are exploring an array of new business strategies.

Staying ahead of the curve and making smarter decisions in disruption environments is largely a process of being risk-averse and risk free. A recent article, that I chanced across, postulated that market leaders manage innovation like a financial portfolio. They diversify, monitor, and constantly readjust (or readapt). This means that some of the stakes will be high risk and high reward, while some low-risk and low reward. But practising all of them will help the organization in achieving its long-term objective on gaining deeper insights on dynamic markets, learning and capabilities. That is such a unique and innovative approach to managing innovation and creativity.

Enabling Leaders through Disruption - one

How USEReady is Enabling a Learning Culture

The USEReady radar is locked on linking strategic decisions to our fundamental values of Fanatical Customer Centricity, Integrity, Humility, Community and Continuous Improvement. These values are imbibed into our business strategy and talent management right from hiring, where recruits are checked for Cultural fit as much as skill and experience. This ensures that employees are prepared to drive the desired behaviours and outcomes, and thereby greet disruptions effectively.

The global workforce needs to stay in tune with the changing times and trends, stay on top of their field, and be ahead of the curve to help customers and business achieve the goals. And to achieve this, we are committed to upskilling and reskilling our employees. As part of talent development strategy, we provide an environment of continuous learning through internal and external learning opportunities so that employees can explore the technology landscape beyond the area of expertise to set upon the transformation path.

This will help us expedite the adoption of new trends in technologies, and thereby creating effective learning culture.

And like Alvin Toffler said many years ago, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

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About the Author
Learning evangelist and leader with over 17 years of experience in People Development. Focused on driving learning culture through collaboration and helping organization maximize employee knowledge and capabilities.
Priya Nair | Associate Director - Head of Learning and Development | USEReady
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