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How Salesforce and GONG support to boost ROI

Blog | December 21, 2022 | By Amrik Singh

Salesforce CRM is always businesses’ first choice for efficiently capturing and managing sales data. As data always support business sales decisions about what is good and what is not, by constantly refining the sales process using data-driven approaches, your team will be able to move more leads through their pipelines smoothly, which will enhance the conversion rates and revenue.   

We investigated another powerful technology, Gong, to gain a better understanding of customers’ conversations as well as CRM data to improve deal conversion.

What is GONG:

GONG records, transcribes, and analyzes all the conversations that you are having with your frontline customers and provides actionable insight by using artificial intelligence (AI). GONG uses advanced analytics to capture the talk patterns, questions asked, objections, filler words, sentiment analysis, customer monologues, and many more, like:

  • Creates a library of best deals to coach and onboard team in lesser time.
  • Get insights into all conversations to generate data-driven coaching recommendations.
  • Determine the most effective conversational strategies the team should adopt to boost quota attainment.
  • With Gong, managers can see team trends, spot patterns in individual reps, and quickly identify critical areas for coaching across their team.
  • Boost rep productivity, increase win rates, and provide the full glance of your opportunity pipeline
  • GONG will provide you with the truth of the sales pipeline, which deal will close, and which require urgent attention.
  • GONG stores all your team’s best practices and lets you organize them so that reps can access real-life examples to drive their performance.

We rely mostly on our sales representatives to ensure that the data they entered into the system is accurate, but occasionally, as humans, we may have forgotten to mention something crucial during a meeting. As a result, we frequently lose deals. To overcome these minor errors, we introduced GONG into our system.

The next thing you might wonder is, “How will I plug GONG?” Please first obtain a license from, then locate a GONG app in the Salesforce AppExchange and configure it by following these simple steps. By integrating these two powerful tools, you should be able to have access to all the customer information in one place, which supports: reducing transaction risk and assisting your reps in maximizing ROI through revenue intelligence.

How does CRM Analytics Help Revenue Intelligence with Gong?

 To put it simply, we created a 360-degree view of the CRM sales journey by extracting the most data possible from GONG using Salesforce CRM Analytics to give a clear overview of the state of the sales funnel, which includes:

  • Sales leader performance: win rate, outreach, deals etc
  • Identify fake deals, by capturing the conversation details 
  • Opportunity age, Stage duration.
  • Actual vs Target
  • Lost deals, Stage level deals lost
  • No. of a calls Sales rep’s have with Customers
  • Insights around prospect calls and meetings like talk patterns, topics, Interaction, and next steps.
  • Deal with challenges, risks, warnings, and recommendations.

To put it simply, we created a 360-degree view of the CRM sales journey by extracting the most data possible from GONG using Salesforce CRM Analytics to give a clear overview of the state of the sales funnel, which includes:

You might gain insight into how your salespeople engage with prospects and customers by looking at the image below. Being aware of potential hazards in advance will help you avoid losing a deal from your pipeline. Additionally, it helps you comprehend the whole context of every call and conversation from the perspectives of deal maturity and risk.

With this insight, you will be able to identify the people who are crushing it and identify patterns as to what is working for them. When you identify that, it becomes easy to build personalized coaching programs for your reps to coach or mentor to increase the ROI.

Why CRO’s (Chief Revenue Officer) are interested in GONG with CRMA Reporting?

CRO’s biggest challenge is always validating their rep deals and enabling them whenever they require assistance. It is a bit tough for them to get involved in each conversion of their reps to get the downloads and mentor them to crack the deal. GONG makes CRO life’s much easier by helping in many ways:

  • Single source of truth for Team Visibility and Enablement
  • Unlock the reality and gain the complete picture of the entire team with GONG conversation highlights, whereas Salesforce helps them to get the exact insights to clarify their focus.
  • GONG eliminates the need to validate every deal case, it is supported with an advanced analytics summary view which is further utilized inside Salesforce to provide a consolidated health view of business i.e. How many conversations are going on against each opportunity. 
  • Reduces the CRO’s intervention, based on the previous best-rated customer conversations and deal conversions, GONG creates a library to coach the team reps in lesser time.  
  • Provides a holistic view of business using CRMA reporting which enables real flavor of a deal journey with full success by sharing insights around: win rate, conversion chance, warnings, and recommendations.
  • Health check Reporting helps CROs to act before thinking, it suggests the conversation monologues and pitch talk ratio best case based on the previous call of their reps.
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