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Modern BI Platform Training Approaches

Blog | December 30, 2022 | By Jeff El Koury

For years, traditional in-person instructor-led training in a classroom setting has been the go-to for enabling new users and providing advanced instruction on visual analytics and reporting. One of the primary benefits of the traditional classroom setting is the ability to best keep the attention and interest of the participants and the instructors can leverage eye contact and facial expression to gauge comprehension or at least to ensure the participants are following along.

Prior to the Covid19 pandemic, unless the training participants were geographically spread out, in person was the preferred method. The same instructor-led classes can be facilitated virtually, with slight modifications to help enhance participation, but organizations often make the mistake of adding too many participants, often creating a virtual lecture hall experience, with the participants being apprehensive about asking questions or requesting clarification.

Alternatives instructor led learning

Public Domain

For the motivated learner with limited resources, but the ability to track down good content, public domain or free training can produce the same results as instructor-led but might take a bit longer. The primary challenge with public domain learning, is identifying content that is trustworthy. While BI/Data products/platforms often provide free training videos and FAQs, its often limited and likely to have more of a marketing feel. Some public domain content platforms such as YouTube, do verify some of their learning content for accuracy, but you might not always find the specific content you are looking for.

Udemy, Lynda and Others

A step up from searching out free BI training would be learning sites dedicated to providing cost effective instruction, most commonly computer based. Offering training at a nominal fee, targeting those looking to personally improve their skills within a quick timeframe, these platforms take the guesswork out of validating content for accuracy. They also align very well to individuals without sponsors and needing to cover the costs themselves or for organizations needing to enable large numbers of people that might only be occasional users.

Record Training for future use across the Organization

Sometimes the most efficient way of delivering analytics training is to develop computer-based recordings, targeted to the different types of users, as well as to the different types of use-cases they’ll be likely to develop. This can be accomplished leveraging the recording software available in most organizations or through freeware downloadable on the Internet. Any software that can create .mp4 files will suffice. The recordings can be accessed directly, or they can be converted to SCORM files and uploaded to your organizations LMS platform.

Other Enablement Options

Webinars are a good way showcase the capabilities of the platform as well as to provide basic instruction on how the platform works. Webinars work well for individuals still considering which platform works best for them, as well as for organizations trying to highlight the benefits of a modern BI platform over legacy or Excel, to help overcome some change hesitation.

Track the ROI

For an individual, the return on the monetary or time investment in training, is measured by increased skills, new opportunities, or self-satisfaction. For organizations considering larger programs, the return-on-investment is likely more monetary focused; are users leveraging their expensive software to full capacity and are the analytics and reports they develop, a benefit to their consumers or are other sources needed for the business to make the desired data driven decisions.

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Jeff El KouryPractice Area Lead (US) - Visual Analytics | USEReady
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