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STORM: MIGRATE The core step of a successful Tableau migration

Blog | July 26, 2022 | By Aishwarya Gupta

Our recent blog, STORM: PLAN, the first essential step for successful Tableau migration gives an overview on engagement stages, key areas focus and key deliverables of “Plan” phase of migration.

Know About STORM for seamless migration

  1. STORM uses a framework called “Plan → Migrate → Validate”. ​ 
  2. STORM automates steps in the framework making the migration process fast, consistent, and seamless 
  3. Customers can choose private or public cloud hosting
  4. The migration is Regulatory compliant​ 

“Migrate”, is the core step of the “Plan → Migrate → Validate” framework to migrate the Tableau Content to the Cloud. 

Key feature of migration through STORM:

Validate-Migrate Framework

Validate-Migrate framework allows content tagging, validation of users & permissions, and automated migration with data quality checks.

Progress and Alerts Mechanism

Monitor progress of automated migration and get alerted for errors & warnings.

Workbook Best Practices Checks

Checks for users & groups, extract refreshes, data-driven alerts, subscriptions, views & metrics, site settings and embedded credentials.

Workbook Performance Checks

Automated checks for optimal migration time for content, users and attributes.

STORM allows you to first configure the source and destination connections for migration. The components to be migrated are tagged and validated by STORM for data quality check before migration.

The “Migrate” Phase of STORM helps in migrating following Tableau Components from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Workbooks
  • Data sets (live & extract)
  • Embedded data source
  • Schedules
  • Flows
  • Alerts
  • Custom Views

Migration for some components like flows, embedded data sources are managed by semi-automated process.

Post Migration, a “Validate” phase performs the quality checks and validates that assets are migrated successfully.

Key Benefits of migration through STORM:

  • 65% savings in effort and time by using automation
  • Curated portfolio of dashboards and reports
  • End-to-end approach takes the worry out of conversion to Tableau Cloud

Below is a sample project plan of the “Migrate” phase, which shares a deep dive overview of the activities involved and re-establishes the importance of this phase. 

We, at USEReady, have authored a book to share with you our learnings on Tableau Migration. It has more details on “Migration” Phase which will be helpful in successful Tableau migrations for your organization. 

STORM, a Practitioner’s Guide to Migration from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud has a step-by-step guide for other migration scenarios as well:

  • On prem to On prem
  • On-Prem to Public Cloud like AWS, GCP

Check out this link to download your copy of this book.

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Aishwarya Gupta | BI Analyst | USEReady
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