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STORM: PLAN the first essential step for successful Tableau migration

Blog | July 22, 2022 | By Atul Verma

STORM, a Practitioner’s Guide to Migration from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud provides an overview of multiple Tableau server migration scenarios, approaches, best practices, and step-by-step instructions on the migration process. 

About STORM: 

  • USEReady developed a framework called “Plan → Migrate → Validate” for a repeatable migration process​ 
  • #STORM establishes a process of Planning, Migration and Validation adhering to the framework​ 
  • USEReady’s platform called STORM automates steps in the framework which makes the migration process fast, consistent, and seamless 
  • A POD of migration experts is offered for execution 
  • Customers can choose private or public cloud hosting
  • The migration is Regulatory compliant​ 

“Plan”, is the essential first step of the “Plan → Migrate → Validate” framework which ensures a successful and effective Tableau migration to the Cloud. 

The “Plan” phase of #STORM helps in the development of a migration plan, defining the most efficient way to migrate the Tableau assets and the best way to prioritize them. The complexity of migration varies according to the variety of data sources, security, and governance considerations. 

“Plan” phase has four engagement stages which setup a solid foundation for the next “Migrate” phase. It prepares team in assessment of current environment, mitigates risk, and defines success criteria for the migration.  

  1. Kick Off, team alignment, onboarding, project plan review
  2. Current Tableau Implementation Discovery
  3. Tableau Cloud Pre-Requisites Implementation
  4. Tableau Cloud Implementation Definition and Prep
    • Security and Authentication
    • Data Connectivity
    • Administrative Responsibilities
    • Tableau Licensing 

USEReady’ framework brings prebuilt questionnaire, templates and automated scripts which help in faster execution of “Plan” phase compared to traditional process.  

Key areas which are covered in “Plan” phase are: 

  • Topology Planning, includes Site, Project, Folder Mappings 
  • Data Source planning (Live connections, extract connections, embedded passwords)​
  • Security Planning​ 
  • Governance Planning (Data/BI stewards, certified data sources, catalog)​ 
  • Add-on planning (Server management and data management)​ 
  • Third-party Extensions​ 
  • Optimization opportunities​ 

For the execution of objectives of the “Plan” phase, USEReady defined a POD which comprises of different expertise like Technical Project Manager, Team Lead, Tableau Architect, BI Analyst, Product Analyst and QA Lead.  

Supporting team of Solution Principal, Cloud Architect and Data Architect will be available to provide recommendations, support on environment setup and optimization of the migration process. 

It’s important to define “Plan” phase deliverables which provide a complete overview of the current state, implement the pre-requisites, and set up the required environment for the next phase of Tableau migration.  

Key deliverables of “Plan” phase

  • Kick-off Deck
  • Current State Findings & Discovery Assessment  
  • Tableau Online Prerequisites 
  • Security and Authentication defined/implemented 
  • Admin Insights Enabled 
  • Data Connectivity Implemented
  • Tableau License Monitoring Implemented 

Below is a sample project plan of the “Plan” phase, which shares a deep dive overview of the activities involved and re-establishes the importance of this phase. 

We, at USEReady, have authored a book to share with you our learnings on Tableau Migration. It shares details about important considerations during the “Plan” Phase which will be helpful in successful Tableau migrations for your organization. 

Check out this link to download your copy of this book. 

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A Data Analytics & Technology Leader, with rich experience in digital transformation initiatives that include BI modernization, analytics roadmap, cloud migration, and advance analytics.
Atul VermaPractice Area Lead – Visual Analytics, Director | USEReady
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