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Practitioner’s Guide to Migration from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud

Blog | July 20, 2022 | By Rohan Sinha

Are you considering migrating #tableau server to another hardware or to #tableau cloud?  

Consider STORM, a Practitioner’s Guide to Migration from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud.  #STORM provides an overview of multiple Tableau server migration scenarios, approaches, best practices and step by step instructions of the migration process. 

Key benefits of the migration 

  • Cloudify your BI environment and leverage exponential scale advantage
  • Flexible infrastructure spend with elastic scale 
  • Modernize aging infrastructure 
  • Bridge technology debt / gap with transformation 

Industry needs a better, standardized approach to migration than just 

  • Backup and restore  
  • Site export and import

We designed STORM to offer a comprehensive solution to all migration scenarios  

  • On-Prem to OnPrem 
  • On-Prem to Public Cloud like AWS, GCP
  • On-Prem to Tableau Cloud (i.e., Tableau Online)  

Let discuss a scenario where we look for Migration within the enterprise i.e., tableau server is moved from one data centre (On-Prem) to another instance (On-Prem) within an organization. 

Some of the key events where we may consider On-Prem to On-Prem migration 

  • Upgrading the current hardware or any compliance and security issue with the current instance
  • Moving tableau server to another server for specific requirement.

We are offering a framework driven approach to migration  

We, at USEReady have authored a book to share with you our learnings on Tableau. 

Check out this link to download your copy of this book. 

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About the Author
Working in USEReady as a Sr. BI Analyst since 2019. Passionate about Tableau Server Architecture, he consults enterprise customers on best practices of Tableau Environment and Migration Programs.
Rohan Sinha | Sr. BI Analyst - Visual Analytics | USEReady
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