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Tableau Conference 2023 – A New Day for Data

Blog | May 16, 2023 | By Surbhi Bhansali

Tableau has been around for 20 years. That’s roughly the amount of time it takes for a generation to grow up and find its place in the world. But unlike us humans for whom it takes this many years to begin making any discernible contribution to our surroundings, Tableau has been at the vanguard of the modern data visualization field for nearly the entirety of its existence.

Tableau’s Innovations at TC23

And this innovative streak of Tableau’s was there for everyone to see at the just concluded Tableau Conference 2023 in Las Vegas. From its innovations in interactive dashboards, data blending, mobile analytics, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence, one could clearly see how Tableau continues to remain one of the most popular data visualization companies in the world.

Picture Courtesy: Tableau Conference 23 Keynote Session

Touted as ‘the data event of the year’ the Tableau Conference 2023 was just that and more. Playing host to data enthusiasts and Tableau professionals from around the world, the company used the opportunity to showcase its latest advancements in data analytics and artificial intelligence.

“Innovation has been the core of Tableau since the beginning. And we are continuing to advance our mission to help people see and understand data.” – Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer, Tableau

Throughout the three days of the event, Tableau continued to reiterate its focus on creating meaningful experiences for consumers that help them turn insights into actions and drive business outcomes through data. The aim, according to Tableau, is to empower developers to place data wherever it’s necessary for informed decision-making, and IT professionals to connect to data sources to establish a trustworthy single source of truth.

Tableau’s latest advancements which it unveiled at TC23 effectively embodied this vision.

There were three, to be precise viz., Tableau Pulse, VizQL Data Service, and Trusted Data for All via Salesforce Data Cloud. Tableau hopes these innovations will change the way people work with data and provide a personalized, contextual, and smart analytics experience.

Tableau Pulse – Powered by Tableau GPT

Tableau Pulse redefines data experience for customers by providing personalized metrics that are just easy to understand and act upon. It integrates AI seamlessly into the user experience, allowing everyone to access and analyze their data more effectively and securely. Powered by ‘Tableau GPT’ and built on ‘Einstein GPT’, Tableau Pulse works in partnership with the Tableau analytics engine to deliver experiences that will help organizations become smarter and make decisions faster.

Picture Courtesy: Tableau Conference 23 Keynote Session

Features of Tableau Pulse

The key features of Tableau Pulse include Automated Analytics, Personalized Metrics, Ask Your Own Questions, and Collaborate with Your Team.

VizQL Data Service

Over the years, embedded analytics have helped organizations in bringing their products to market faster, eliminating the need to construct and maintain resources and incur expenses from the ground up. Using Embedded APIs and Connected Apps, Tableau has made the process of embedding even easier. VizQL Data Service makes an entry into Tableau world to cater to the users to drive data solutions by combining and integrating data sources and tools to achieve their data-driven objectives.

Picture Courtesy: Tableau Conference 23 Keynote Session

This service sits on top of published data sources and existing models, allowing developers to build composable data products with a simple programming interface.

Trusted Data for All – Salesforce Data Cloud

Talking about Customer 360 at TC23, Tableau’s Chief Product Officer Francois Ajenstat noted that it was a portfolio of power and services aimed at connecting companies with their customers and at the heart of Customer 360 is Data in AI.

With Salesforce Data Cloud, users can connect to hundreds of data sources, clean it, model it, combine it, and make it available to be used anywhere, whether it’s used in Tableau, Salesforce, or through APIs. Data Cloud uses Tableau Hyper technology to slice and dice massive volumes of data in seconds to provide a trusted view of any data. This, coupled with Instant Analytics which gives users the ability to access Salesforce CDP data immediately inside Tableau allowing them to perform analysis and visualization at the click of a button, makes for a strong value proposition for Salesforce Data Cloud.

Celebrating the Power of Data

At TC23, Tableau made it clear that the future of analytics is personalized, contextual, and smart. This is something which one could clearly see Salesforce and Tableau coming together on a mission to deliver secure generative AI to more parts of their platforms.

In his keynote, Ryan Aytay, President and CEO, Tableau summed it up nicely when he said, “Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse, together with Data Cloud, give customers a next-generation analytics experience that empowers every user to make better decisions, faster with relevant data, bringing the power of data and analytics to everyone.”

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